Automotive Interior cutting machine

 Automotive Interior cutting machine

Automotive interior: Cutting products include flexible materials such as full surround floor mats, large surround floor mats, silk ring floor mats, and car seat covers. Cutting materials include PU, PVC, silk ring, microfiber leather, sponge, XPE, non-woven fabric, genuine leather, etc.


Knife Tool

Tool suggestion:

Oscillating Knife Tool + Circular knife


Oscillating Knife Tool

The Electrical Oscillating Tool is very suitable for cutting medium density materials. With a wide variety of blades, it can be competent for cutting most flexible materials.Applicable: Corrugated, Cardboard, Foam board, Honeycomb board, Car Mats, Seat Cover, KT board, Gray board, Leather, Fabric, Carpet, Composite Materials, etc


Circular knife

Circular knife puts the materials by the high-speed rotating blades driven by the servo motor.The tool can be installed with circular blades and decagonal blades .etc which are especially suitable for cutting woven materials.Applicable industries: Leather, Textiles, Fabric, No-woven Fabric, Fur, Multi-layer, Carpet, Sporting Goods and other industries




Cut sample:



Equipment parameters:

Machine model: BN1625D/S universal series, supporting customized irregular machines
Processing format: within 1600mm horizontally * 2500mm vertically
Feeding method: semi-automatic/fully automatic
Cutting accuracy: ± 0.1mm
Repetitive positioning accuracy : 0.05mm
Working speed: 0-1500mm/s
Cutting thickness: 0-30mm
Rated voltage: 380V-50HZ
Machine size: Fixed platform: 2160 * 3450 * 1350mm Automatic feeding: 2160 * 3750 * 1350mm
Tools and modules: vibrating knife/circular knife/pneumatic knife/oblique cutting knife/drag knife/half cutting knife/spindle milling cutter/punching/brush/CCD industrial camera/projector/panoramic large vision/leather software (optional)
Body structure:  6mm steel pipe welded as a whole (vibration resistant, ensuring product processing accuracy);
Vacuum pump: 9KW vacuum adsorption, material adsorption is more suitable.
Working environment temperature:  -10 ℃ -40 ℃;
Humidity  20% -80% RH
Transmission interface network port

Compatible with software formats, all types of CAD, AI, and CDR software can be directly output

Operation panel Multilingual LCD touch panel




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