Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine Features

Updated Apr. 02, 2022

Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine Features:

  1. 2 replaceable tool heads, integral head frame, easy to change tools.
  2. Four-axis high-speed motion controller, modular installation, easy maintenance.
  3. The cutting depth can be adjusted arbitrarily.
  4. The parameter setting is simple, different materials can be processed as long as the thickness and speed are set.
  5. It can easily expand the functions of the upgraded equipment and load new modules.
  6. Vibrating knife cutting function: It can cut different materials (corrugated paper, cardboard, plastic board gray board color, composite paper, gasket, leather and cloth, etc.).
  7. The function of pressing the folding line: it can press the perfect folding line on corrugated paper, cardboard, plastic board and other materials.
  8. Dotted line cutting function: used for folding and dotted line cutting aftVibrating Knife Cutting Machineer half-cutting corrugated paper and cardboard.
  9. Positioning function: use laser light to accurately position.
  10. Drawing function: can draw various high-precision patterns.
    Line drawing, drawing, text annotation, indentation, half-knife cutting, full-knife cutting, all at one time.

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