Jinan Bonor Machinery, as one of the famous professional and leading producer for Non-metal Cutting Machines in China, has focused on cutting machine production since 2012.

With reliable and Stable quality, our cutting machines have been exported more than 30 countries.

With fast-response after-sales serivce,  

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Sea freight cost Based on your destination port. We can check it accordingly.

Our delivery time is 10-30 days according to different machines of different requests and quantities.

We supply the English Manual or Guide Video to show how to use machine.

If there is still have any question, ONLINE chatting or video can also be ok.

Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if machine have any problem.

Any problem must have solutions in our factory for our equipment.

Cutting Equipment Selection Suggestions

If for leather, soft glass, car mats and other breathable flexible materials, we recommend the electric vibration cutting machine, it can drive high frequency vibration through the motor, so as to complete the cutting.  

If you have breathable fabrics, textiles or fur fabrics, such as light and large area materials, it is more suitable to use a round knife for cutting, it can quickly cut large areas of fabric.  

If for honeycomb panel, gasket, rubber, sole and other thick EVA materials, the hardness is relatively high, the density is relatively high, you can use pneumatic knife powered by pneumatic cutting.  

If for foam materials, corrugated paper, soft glass and other materials, you need to cut v-shaped grooves or a variety of angles, you need to use a diagonal knife to cut.  

On the basis of the above knives, we can also add cameras, projectors, brushes and other equipment to the machine, which can assist in cutting and make your materials more economical.

Customize the Cutting Equipment
1)The thickness, the width of the cutting material; set up the length according to the picture or each edition.
2)The equipment has fixed table (suitable for each tile material) and automatic feeding (suitable for rolling material, can be continuous cutting) 
Fixed Table: Packaging, advertising, gaskets, KT board, acrylic and other small pieces of hard materials are mostly fixed table.  
Automatic Feeding: For Coil Material, it is best to use automatic feeding

3)Equipment Customized knife Head: single cut block, double cut block, double head mutual moving, double beams. 

Of course, we also have the indentation knife for corrugated materials, which can make perfect indentation effect for different materials according to the folding tool that does not pass.  
There are also special materials that need to be cut through, and you can use a drag knife, which is faster and cheaper.